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Ba Zi for your organisation

A Ba Zi analysis can prove to be an effective tool for developing your organisation’s talents or selecting candidates.

Developing your employees’ talents

Within your organisation, each of your employees has their own potential, and their own specific strengths and weaknesses. When a project or task is not assigned to the right person, or if teams are not put together the right way, the consequences for your business – in human or financial terms and in terms of your reputation – can be negative.

By carrying out an in-depth Ba Zi analysis, Luckeys can provide you with an effective tool that will enable you to optimise your organisation’s resources, reduce absenteeism and maintain high levels of staff commitment. The analysis will help identify the right position and level of seniority for each employee, while maximising their area of competence.

Selecting the right candidate

Recruitment is an investment that can prove costly if the chosen candidate proves not to have the right profile and skills for the role.

In today’s business environment, recruitment procedures often give only a very superficial vision of candidates, who are often quite familiar with the recruitment techniques used in the corporate world (tests, assessment centres, interviews, etc.).

With Ba Zi, everyone involved in the recruitment process gains a deeper insight into each candidate’s potential. You will receive guidance and support in the selection process, allowing you to choose a profile suited to the role and the responsibilities it entails, while saving valuable time and maximising your financial investment!

Why not also include a Feng Shui consultation, to maximise the positive impact by optimising the energies in your work environment? We can advise you on the best way to arrange your workspace to get the most out of your employees.

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