Services for businesses

Feng Shui for your business

Luckeys creates made-to-measure solutions for your organisation. Our Feng Shui consultation will provide you with the resources you need to influence your business and improve your results, whether in terms of your strategy or organisation. Unlocking the potential of your site and of the individuals who work and interact there is essential to your success.

Are you building a new site or opening a new branch?

Luckeys can provide guidance and support for your project, tailored to your organisation’s particular goals and resources. When it comes to ensuring your business has the best possible chance of prospering, we can assist in various ways:

  • Choosing the best site
  • Producing architectural plans
  • Interior layout
  • Landscaping
  • Choosing materials
  • Selecting the best dates for opening your site

However large or small your organisation, we can adapt to your requirements and your area of activity.

Are you looking to improve your current site’s potential?

Your business is changing constantly, and may be faced with questions and challenges of many different kinds, whether at the start-up phase, during development or even in a crisis. Rethinking your site with Feng Shui is an excellent way to help you respond to those challenges.

    Your business strategy and results

  • Do you want to increase sales and/or optimise profits?
  • Are you diversifying and planning to launch new products or services?
  • Are you moving into a new market?

  • Your organisation

  • Do you want to capitalise on the key people in your business, to develop their potential and that of your organisation as a whole?
  • Are you looking to improve communication between individuals and/or groups?
  • Do you want to reduce absenteeism?

Each site has its own particular characteristics. This is true of any location, from offices or shops to restaurants, malls, medical practices or factories. If you are looking to renovate or redevelop your existing site, Luckeys can offer support with redefining the interior layout, choosing materials and selecting the best dates for works.