Understanding and act

Understanding to act in depth

To understand and then solve a problem of life, it is therefore necessary to question all the phenomena that impact us, through all the dimensions that we find in the symbol of Yin-Yang. It shows us that everything is a continuous transformation and that nothing is fixed. It shows us the richness and complexity of our dual world where everything works in pairs:


the macrocosm, the exterior, the tangible, the visible, the moving, the light, the masculine…


the microcosm, the interior, the intangible, the invisible, inertia, darkness, the feminine…

In order to fully accompany you in your evolutionary process, I suggest you use techniques adapted to each type of influence and not stop at one technique in particular. This is also the result of my experience and my particular skills.

Understanding your situation with the right tools

What is purely vibratory

The energetic care of the person and the place of life are part of this dimension. Through my particular capacities of clairvision and clairaudience, I obtain information to understand the non-perceptible phenomena that you animate in you and that you find in your place of life. I can then bring the necessary care.

My approach to energetic care

What's on Earth and what we see

With Feng Shui, I will understand the influences of nature, urbanism, architecture and the layout of your interior, in order to create the best energy connections between you and your environment.

What is on Earth, but imperceptible to the naked eye

An important dimension of Feng Shui is to understand how energy influences evolve over time. Here I will be working with the effects coming from the tangible that evolve over time. I will also accompany you with the right methods to choose the right dates for important moments in your life or business, such as the signing of key documents, a moving date or the launch of a new project.

Using the Ba Zi (4 pillars of destiny or Chinese astrology), I will also look at the energetic potential of your destiny or that of your collaborators to capitalize on the natural strengths and assets of each one.

What is underground and invisible

Your place of life rests on a ground that may contain water flows, cavities, pollution, faults, networks. Through tools of geobiology, dowsing or channelling, I bring a deep light between your life experience and these phenomena. The treatments then allow you to free yourself from their effects.

It is important to keep in mind that intangible and invisible phenomena always accompany you. So even if you change your environment (country, region, living space), you are still the same person walking on Earth. For this reason, and from experience, I also recommend taking care of the vital energy or "Qi" of the person, to act in a deep and specific way.