The 3 habitats

Your living place of private or professional life is always a reflection of what is inside you and it is never chosen by chance. Each place is there to help you understand and live something for your evolution. However, it is not just the inside of your home or your business premises, but all forms of habitat that allow you to walk in this earthly life.

The first habitat,
the Earth

The Earth as we know it is a miracle of perfection. Its orbit around the sun is at the right distance and the tilt around its axis ensures optimal living conditions for all the kingdoms of life. Coming to Earth is a chance to experience Life with all that it entails in terms of experiences and awareness to evolve. On a scale closer to us, the nature that surrounds us is the fruit of billions of years of evolution, and just like the human being, it vibrates and resonates with our own vibration. Understanding and decoding the influences of nature helps us to find our right place on Earth for our evolution and to live in harmony with it. The Earth is also all the layers underground and in movement that also act on our existence.

The second habitat,
the human body

According to the Taoist conception, the energetic potential, called "Qi" chooses a time, a place, a family to incarnate. To be born in a human body implies being made of tangible matter, but also intangible or vibratory matter, and all bodies function as vases-communicating with the environment in which they are found. The human being is also the link between "Heaven" and "Earth", the source of all possibilities and the planet Earth, to live the experience of life and duality. Furthermore, the body keeps memories and other energetic traces related to the present life, but also to the legacy of the past, e.g. through genetic capital (transgenerational or epigenetic) or the consequences of past lives that are still acting in this life. All life experiences can also leave memories in floors, walls, objects and this also impacts us in our life path, because these are all vibrations captured by our bodies.

The third habitat,
your place of life

Your place of life, private or professional, is also another link between what the Earth brings us in terms of energy phenomena, and your life history. It is a mirror of what animates you and the key is to decode what is happening there to have a deep reading and thus accompany you towards more happiness or success.