For individuals

Energetic care to reconnect you to the magic of Life

Through care, you will understand why you are experiencing problem situations in your life. You will become aware of the richness of Life and its desire to help us move forward, even if we are heckled or immobilized. The benefits that I bring are numerous and can manifest themselves in different ways:

  • Improvement of your physical, moral and energetic health.
  • Toxic thoughts, people and situations give way to more favourable versions.
  • Unblocking the knots that prevent you from moving forward on your life path.
  • The energy within you circulates favourably and acts on all subjects related to this problem. Relationships and finances in particular are improving.
  • Entirely negative manifestations, such as oaths, spells or other acts of black magic are cut off so that they no longer impact you.
  • Increase in your vibratory rate as well as that of your living space..

How does an energetic treatment take place?

  • 1st contact
  • Needs assessment, explanation of the process and making a first appointment
  • The duration of the treatment is 1h30 and is charged at Chf 100 per hour. It can be done in the office or by videoconference.