My approach to energetic care

My care always begins with a space to put down what's on your mind right now, or talk about what you're going through. This first step gives you the opportunity to define together or highlight the subject that needs to be treated as a priority during the session.

Then in a second step, I connect to my universe of care and ask permission to work with your guides. In order to understand what is happening in your current life, I ask my guides to see and hear clearly all the information I need to give you a deep understanding of it.

Our present world is a special dimension of evolution. Through our presence on Earth, we have the chance to become aware of the subjects for which we have chosen to incarnate and then try to live them differently and heal them. Our world is connected to other dimensions where other versions of ourselves try to live experiences that are all united by identical subjects. Through the special connection I have with these parallel universes, I cross space and time and find myself in different times and places. In these other lives, you can be of a different age, be of a different gender, have a different skin color, and live in a different culture. The most important thing is to understand the original situation that generated a multitude of complicated experiences to be lived in all the other dimensions.

Then I bring all the care so that the consequences of these negative energetic situations and phenomena stop, in relation to what you live here and now. I work on different levels, either on the person himself and all of his physical and subtle bodies, or in relation to the people who co- create this life situation. These may be family members, a lover or another person. The combinations are innumerable and I never know in advance what I will see during the session.

At the end of each treatment, I also connect to your living space to provide care. Indeed, the "Source" places a whole set of phenomena in the living places to generate the experiences we need to become aware of the subjects to go to work. Once the subjects have been treated, they no longer have a reason to be and can therefore be removed.

This care goes deep and the beneficial effects felt are multiple. I act directly on the vibratory rate of people and places of life. For example, you can feel more lightness, experience a change in your state of consciousness, have more energy and above all observe how toxic thoughts, situations and people disappear to make way for new ones, which in turn contribute to your evolution towards greater happiness, harmony and fluidity.

The natural movement of Life is transformation and continuous movement. When one resists and tries to control it, it freezes and turns into blockages in all aspects of existence. Understanding the blockages and healing them, allows one to reconnect to the flow and experience the countless possibilities offered by the magic of Life.