Services for businesses

The Yi Jing applies to a host of different business situations and offers a new insight into your decision-making processes.

For negotiating contracts

A contract is founded on mutual trust and the synergies expected by the parties. However, in some cases the situation can take an expected direction. A Yi Jing consultation will give you the opportunity to take a step back and gain a wider understanding of the situation and the nature of the relationship between the parties. It can also show you the most propitious dates for putting pen to paper.

At the same time, you might also want to include a Feng Shui consultation. It can prove a valuable complement, for example when selecting a favourable date, for harmonising your offices or workspace with the signatory.

For your growth strategy

Launching a new product or looking for new markets are operations that bring into play significant resources for any company. They require close collaboration between your various departments and often the involvement of external partners. The risks are high, since there is no guarantee that your product will be well received by the target audience.

As a decision-making guide, the Yi Jing can accompany you through the various stages of your project, providing you with the ability to take action at the right time to avoid committing to overly onerous investments, and helping you optimise your chances of success.