• Healing the wounds
    of life

  • Releasing blockages
    in the living space

  • Raising the Earth's

  • Acting on the intangible
    and the invisible

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Seeing beyond matter

Luckeys, a holistic approach to energy care

Energetic healing brings you a deep insight into what you are experiencing in your life, and then cleanses and releases what is hindering your development in this life.

Our world is above all intangible and invisible. It is made of frequencies and vibrations that make up matter. The science of the infinite small, quantum physics has shown that 90% of our world is vibratory and that it responds to different rules from what applies to matter, i.e. 10%. Energy care is therefore dedicated to what is most important. By their very nature, energetic treatments require openness and healthy curiosity, because both their functioning and the results obtained defy the need to be reassured by evidence. Yet the understanding of our world today and the laws that govern it are the result of an evolutionary process and many discoveries. With each new step, we understand better how we function and how we are connected to the universe around us. This process is infinite and what is not understood today will be understood one day, and in the face of doubt, let us not forget that the Earth was still flat only 500 years ago.

My global approach also provides in-depth care of all your habitats, in order to make your life more fluid and happy in the long term. Habitat takes on a broader meaning in my approach to care:

  • Planet Earth provides us with all the resources we need to evolve.
  • Our physical and subtle bodies are all vehicles for us to experience Life.
  • Our habitat, a reflection of our inner life, is the link between the Earth and our destiny.

By my accompaniment, you are moving towards more happiness and as this definition is specific to each one, we move forward together and in a personalized way towards what really does you good in this life.